Explanation of intervention calculator

  • 1. About the intervention calculator

    One of the most important goals of the government is to ensure that disadvantages people are rehabilitated. This is not always easy. For it often concerns multi-problem people who have a problem in various areas of life. For example a problem with finding a job, with health, with education and with housing. We distinguish five multi-problem target groups: young persons, the homeless, former prisoners, single parents and long-term unemployed. These target groups often experience problems causing them to be highly, but not impossibly disadvantaged.

    In order to promote the rehabilitation of these target groups, interventions are possible, such as offering a training course or work-study programme. For 'multi-problem clients', however, interventions are required in more areas, such as care, accommodation or social counselling. These interventions often give results for several categories within these areas of life, for various benefiting organisations. For instance, a joint approach may help single parents to find a job, result in a decrease in the benefits category for municipalities and a decrease in healthcare costs for insurers.

    In order to provide you with an insight into this joint approach to interventions, the intervention calculator has been developed. The purpose of this tool is to help make joint decisions in order to have disadvantaged people return to work and society. The intervention calculator gives information in order to do this efficiently and effectively.

    For whom has the intervention calculator been developed?

    The intervention calculator has been made for professionals who are engaged in the rehabilitation of disadvantaged people such as:

    - The Municipalities

    - The Central Government

    - (Healthcare) insurers

    - Education sector

    - Housing associations

    - Energy companies, etc.

    What kind of interventions does it concern?

    The calculator has been inspired on interventions aimed at work for multi-problem clients which were recently carried out in the Netherlands. It concerns interventions aimed at work for people who have problems in various areas of life at the same time. The reference of these interventions is that they are aimed at these various areas of life at the same time. The calculator assumes that the municipality cooperates with the chain partners.

  • 2. About the developers of the intervention calculator


    The intervention calculator tool has been developed in cooperation with the parties Berenschot, SEOR and MTN Communications. Information about the developers of the programme can be found below:


    Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

    The Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment works on social and economically strong Netherlands in Europe, with a job and social and economic security for everyone. The government members are responsible for, among other things, labour market policy, including migration and free movement of employees, benefits and rehabilitation, income policy, combining work and care, labour conditions policy and the inspection thereof.





    Berenschot is an independent management consultancy with 450 staff members world-wide. For almost 75 years, we have surprised our clients in the public and private sector with clever and new insights. We acquire them and make them applicable by linking innovation to creativity. Again and again. Client opt for Berenschot because our advice gives them a headstart.





    SEOR is an independent research agency operating under the umbrella of the Rotterdam Erasmus University as part of the Erasmus School of Economics. With research and advice, SEOR tries to gain a better understanding of social and economic issues. In doing so, SEOR hopes to contribute to solving social and economic problems in a scientifically responsible way.




    MTN Communications

    MTN Communications has designed the intervention calculator as regards structure and communication in cooperation with Berenschot and SEOR. The core business of our company is to translate complicated issues to means of communication which can be used strategically. In doing so, we'd rather relieve the client of all worries and exceed expectations!